The livestock industry is ‘on the move’with the majority of farms and livestock owners are creating a more productive and prized cattle/buffaloes. With the expansion and growth of livestock, comes the need of better veterinary care to keep them healthy with longer productive life. The majority of livestock is in the rural India with not so easy access for quality veterinary care at the farmers doorstep. Under the present situation, the Mobile Veterinary Clinic (MVC) becomes very important to provide year-round access to meet the emergency and critical care demands of the livestock. Timely and prompt delivery of the veterinary services on site, in time and every time is an absolute necessity as it is not possible for livestock to travel to the nearest veterinary hospital.

Accuvance’s Mobivet services offer custom fabrication of the MVCs, both for primary and critical care. Mobivet makes available the finest MVCs to our clients ensuring its quality. The manufacturing is done as per the set industry norms and guidelines, by highly trusted vendors, engaged in the production of MVCs using high quality material and machines. The Mobivet offers MVCs both with medical equipment or with just the fabrication as per the customer needs.

Mobivet ensures:

  • Easy handling
  • Complete fabrication of the box in PUF insulated composite panel
  • Substructure, insulation, flooring, reinforcement and germ free non shedding and seamless panelling
  • Well compartmentalised modular sections like shelf/head racks, work space, table tops, storage of medicines, consumables, equipment and animal restraining ropes with sliding windows (Option of having complete SS compartments also)
  • Long service life
  • Advanced electrical and electronic systems with integrated control panel
  • Air conditioning for the veterinary care section and driver cabin
  • AC 220 volts and DC 12 volts power supply with or without inverter (the generator is optional with enhancement in vehicle alternator rating to 90 amps with suitable mounting)
  • Public address, flashing LED light bar and siren
  • Bench type seat for crew with under seat storage area and side back rest
  • Branding, designing and painting of the vehicle body
  • Exhaust fan
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Cool and hot water with sink

Mobivet MVCs are custom designed for primary care needs and Critical care needs.

The Primary Care MVC have modular panelling with designated space for:

  • Surgical disposables like syringes, cotton, bandages, sutures, gloves, sample collection tubes etc
  • Surgical instruments and autoclave drums for sterilised surgical set, glassware and slides etc
  • Instruments like Stethoscope, ophthalmoscope, auroscope, microscope,surgical clothes etc
  • Medicines including injection bottles and other dosage farms like boluses, pouches etc
  • Cryogenic container for A.I with A.I gun, sheath and sleeves
  • Mini fridge for storing vaccines and other temperature sensitive medicines and holding blood and tissue samples
  • Animal restraining ropes
  • Ear tagging set and tags

The Critical care MVC also includes the space for the following in addition to the ones in primary care;

  • Ultasound
  • Additional space of additional autoclave drum for sterilised surgical instrument set
  • Foam animal mattress
  • Stretcher cum examination table with OT lights (optional for small animals only)

Mobivet customised fabrication is available for small size vehicles (9–10-seater like Tata Winger and Tempo Traveller) and large sized vehicles (15-seater). It offers option of only customized fabrication with or without equipment and instruments and also the complete fully fitted vehicle itself as a turn key project.